Box Hill for 2015 JASP?

ImageSee this link for the beautiful estate where we are thinking of having a “Box Hill” outing for our 2015 JASP .  We may have one or two tours on the Wednesday or Thursday before the symposium at the Friday Center.  The Ayr Mount estate was built in the same year Emma was published (1815), and the gardens are exquisite!   What do you think of this idea?  It is not strawberry season, but…

6 thoughts on “Box Hill for 2015 JASP?

  1. Inger,

    I think this would be just delightful!  Strawberry season was late this year…maybe it will be late next year as well….


    Mary Catherine Geradts


  2. Inger, With a very resounding “YES!” I can’t think of a better place (other than England) to begin the 2015 Jane Austen Symposium. Its a great idea, strawberries or not……..

  3. Inger, that sounds like the ideal outing for next year’s JASP! It’s a wonderful setting, and even most locals haven’t seen it. Thanks for keeping us posted on your plans.

    1. Great idea, Sarah ! I’ll have my basket filled with those deliciously juicy sweet morsels !! ~~ Susan B.

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