Demo sneak peek: Dressing for a Ball and Ballroom Etiquette

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1b   181x  Five for One. Getting ready for a ball regency french empireBy Jennifer Abella

Think Regency ladies just threw on an Empire-waist dress and skipped out the door to the ball? Not so!

On Saturday, Ruth Verbunt will give a two-part talk on dressing for a ball and ballroom etiquette:

Part I: “Once they got that coveted invitation to a Ball at Almack’s, what would they have worn?67  regency make up color print

Part II:  How to re-create the Regency look. PLUS: a hands-on demonstration of applying Regency period make-up for those who want to stay after the discussion.

Ruth says: Makeup in this period can be described by three words; Red, white and gray. I will have mini-kits of makeup to give to those who want it or participants can plan to bring their own concealer, carmine red lipstick, gray eyeshadow and (optional) black mascara.
Makeup sponges, Q-tips, cotton balls and other supplies will be on hand for all who want to join the fun.

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