2017 Ball at Kellynch (2018 masquerade ball information coming soon)

dancing1Our annual ball will once again be held in our lovely and historic Gerrard Hall on the UNC campus.

The dance list for this year’s Persuasion Ball has a nautical theme in keeping with the novel. Many are from previous years and all are “quite danceable” for beginners. 


  • Auretti’s Dutch Skipper
  • La Boulangere
  • Childgrove
  • Duke of Kent’s Waltz
  • The Emma Dance (aka The Last Dance)
  • Female Saylor
  • Fisher’s Hornpipe
  • Les Graces (No.4 of the Duval’s Lanciers Quadrille)
  • Mr Beveridge’s Maggot (1995 movie version)
  • Physical Snob
  • The Savage Dance
  • The Ship’s Cook
  • Sprigs of Laurel

Regency Attire for the Ball is optional, but a very popular option! Below you will find information on buying, renting, or making your ball attire.


RENT: JASP also offers a few gowns, gloves, hats, and scarves for rental.

MAKE: For the DYI crowd, here are some useful links:
Regency Thrift Store, for women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KKViqeaD9c
Regency Thrift Store, for men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLTQtgsM1CI
Faking the silhouette for women: http://experimentsinelegance.blogspot.com/…/faking-regency-…
A summary of styles for women: http://www.vintagevictorian.com/costume_1810.html
A summary of styles for men: http://www.vintagedancers.org/costume1810men.html

And a few tips from RG Bartis:

For women:
The Regency look for women is a high-waisted dress that emphasizes flowing lines and the natural figure. A basic outfit should include a dress, shawl, and shoes.
Dress: A high-waisted dress, length between calf and ankle. Sleeves can be any length. Sleeveless or strapless dresses should be disguised with a spencer or shawl. Materials included cotton, silk, linen, and wool. Dresses were often plain, with white being extremely popular; patterns were usually small, with stripes and roll-pattern printed patterns popular. Good thrift store options are a modern evening or bridesmaid dress with high waistline. A ribbon affixed around the waistline with a few stitches looks very appropriate. If you have an empire-waisted dress shorter than calf-length you can add a maxi-length skirt underneath. Medieval, Renaissance, and 18th c shifts all work in a pinch.
Spencer: A short jacket that ends a few inches below the bust.
Shawl: Plain and pashmina shawls were both popular
Shoes: Ballet flat style in a plain color. Black and kid-colored were popular.
Jewelry: Pearl and coral were popular for necklaces, bracelets, and pendants, as were cameos, crosses, and simple pendants.
Hair: A few very dashing ladies wore their hair short. Ribbons, curls, shawls wrapped into turbans, and feathers were all popular accessories. Long hair was usually worn up with curls spilling out.
Accessories: gloves, fans, white linen caps, bonnets

For men:
The Regency look for men is tight clothes that emphasize the verticality and the slimness of the waist and the broadness of the chest. The pants are tight and the waistline above the naval. A basic outfit should include shoes, pants, shirt, waistcoat, and cravat.
Shoes: The modern brogan and desert boot styles are almost exactly like popular Regency styles but plain dress shoes, loafers, and pumps also work. Black is best, brown also acceptable.
Pants: Tight dress pants in black, brown, tan, or off-white, held up with suspenders or braces if possible.
Shirt: A white dress shirt. White renaissance, pirate, poet, 18th c, or Victorian shirts may also work. Having a tall collar helps for the cravat.
Vest: Vests came in a variety of patterns and materials including wool, silk, and cotton, and could be plain, striped, or printed.
Coat: This is a Rake’s night, so a coat may be omitted. A modern morning coat or tailcoat, a plain 18th c coat, or a short jacket are also options.
Cravat: Unlike a modern tie the cravat was wrapped multiple times very high up around the neck and tied with a knot, being either a yard-square or very long and 6-8″ wide. Plain white linen/cotton or black silk were popular, but lower-class men also wore a variety of printed cottons.
Details: Canes, pocket watches, top hat, knit cap.
Hair: Historically hair was short and men were clean shaven. A messy look combed up into a tousled mess was popular.