N.C. teachers: Ready, set … apply for our scholarships!

i-will-apply-for-the-jane-austen-summer-program-scholarships-i-will-apply-for-the-jane-austen-summer-program-scholarships-i-will-apply-for-the-jane-austen-summer-program-scholarships-i-will-apply-forAre you a teacher who’s always wanted to teach Jane Austen in your classroom? Do you know of such a teacher? The program is open to all teachers at a discount registration price. The Jane Austen Summer Program also offers scholarships for North Carolina high school and middle school teachers (and student teachers!) to attend our program. Teachers can earn 3 continuing-education credits while attending panels, small-group discussions and other activities including dance lessons, workshops and a Regency ball. Each of the eight scholarships winners will receive a $100 voucher to purchase Jane Austen–related resources for his or her classroom or school library.

Apply now!


About Jennifer Abella

Jennifer Abella is a TV/movie/pop culture/knitting/sewing/Jane Austen geek. Oh, and a total Anglophile. Follow her on Twitter: @nextjen.

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