Five things to know about ‘Frankenstein, M.D.’ web series

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Last week we highlighted two online adaptations of “Northanger Abbey.” Here are five things to know about “Frankenstein, M.D.,” a web series updating Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”

The series has an Austen link.

Pemberley Digital — the production company behind Jane Austen adaptations “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and “Emma Approved” — teamed with PBS Digital for this modern retelling of Shelley’s classic novel.

It’s gender-swapped.

In this adaptation, Victoria Frankenstein is an ambitious young woman about to finish medical school.

It’s a “vlog.”

Victoria hosts video blog — in this case, it’s an online science show. That means the series — as with LBD or “Emma Approved” — doesn’t offer too many points of view other than Victoria’s.

It’s short.

Whereas LBD had 100 episodes and Emma Approved had about 75, “Frankenstein MD” comprises 24 main episodes.

It features an “Igor” character.

Here, Iggy is Victoria’s geeky friend and loyal lab assistant. But the character of Igor is seen in various film adaptations of “Frankenstein,” not in the book.

Check out the first episode here:

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Jennifer Abella is a TV/movie/pop culture/knitting/sewing/Jane Austen geek. Oh, and a total Anglophile. Find her on Twitter: @nextjen.


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