2019 Regency Ball

For our 2019 ball, we are delighted to once again have Walt, Dean, and Julia from Syllabub Players perform our live Regency music.  We are also delighted to have our veteran Dancemaster, Jack Maus, return to us again.  We do not know for sure whether the location will be in our historically accurate and charming Gerrard Hall or the elegant and majestic Well Room in the Carolina Inn this year. Either way, we will have convenient transportation available.

We do however have a few improvements to announce:

“Patrons of the Ball”: Should you condescend to do so, you may register for the ball as a Patron (or Patroness).  Patrons will receive VIP service, free drinks, a special entry with fanfare, and a photo session with our very own Mr Darcy (framed photo will follow).  Patrons will also know that they are helping JASP cover the additional expenses of having the ball at the Carolina Inn when possible.

Dancing 101: We will have an Intro to Regency Dance session early in the 4-day JASP event, where we will learn the basic dance vocabulary and basic steps.  There will also be a handout for those who want to study ahead of time or practice in the hallways when others aren’t looking. If you are new to Regency dancing we STRONGLY recommend that you take this class before any of the other practice sessions.  As always, if you have guest tickets for the ball, you are free to (and encouraged to) bring your guests to the dance practices as well.

Shoe Roses, Hair, and Reticule Workshops: For those who are participants in JASP, there will be several workshops to help you get ready for the ball.  You can make shoe roses for your dancing shoes, a reticule to match your shoes and/or dress, and get some help preparing your hair the afternoon of the ball.  Be sure to sign up in advance!