Jane Austen’s family tree

Family was important to Jane Austen, and Jane was important to her family. And as in all large families, it can be hard to remember who’s who. To help you track everyone a bit more easily as you read Claire Tomalin’s “Jane Austen: A Life,” we’ve laid out Austen’s family tree below, as well as closer looks at her parents’ families. Check your copy of Tomalin’s biography for a more detailed look at Austen’s family.

Jane Austen's Family Tree

Here is a look at George Austen’s family tree

George Austen's Family Tree

Here is a look at Cassandra (née Leigh)’s family tree:

Cassandra Austen (nee Leigh)

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  1. If people would like to dig deeper into this subject, there is a book called A Goodly Heritage by George Holbert Tucker (writing this from memory, so names could be a bit off).

  2. I cannot help to notice that both Jane Austen’s grandmothers are not mentioned in these family trees. Rebecca Hampson was Mr. Austen’s mother, and Jane Walker was Mrs. Austen’s mother. So we can assume she was named after her maternal grandmother.

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