Meet the Jane Austen Summer Program Board

Please welcome our newest JASP board members:

Professor Susan Allen Ford: Recently retired as a professor of English from Delta State University, Susan has served as editor for Persuasions (the leading Austen journal) for more than a decade.  She has also faithfully attended and contributed to JASP since its founding in 2012 as a presenter and a discussion leader.

Caitlin Donovan: An English literature and creative-writing teacher at the Durham School of the Arts, Caitlin has attended JASP several times, including as a teacher scholarship winner.  She gave a lovely speech at the reception for the award JASP received in 2018 from the North Carolina Humanities Council and is happy to help us to keep improving our K-12 teacher program and professional development for teachers.

Dr. Andy Mink: Vice president of education services at the National Humanities Center and a former education professor, Andy will bring his extensive knowledge of teacher networks and continuing education to JASP.

Sarah Schaefer Walton: Sarah has been helping us run JASP from its founding year, before she was a graduate student at UNC.  Sarah has worked on many aspects of JASP, most recently organizing speakers and panels, as well as helping to write grants and serving as registrar.  She will be the board’s grad student member.

Continuing Members

Professor Inger Brodey: Inger teaches at UNC and continues to serve as president of the board, running most aspects of JASP and holding regular meetings with committee chairs.  She co-founded JASP with James Thompson.

Professor Suzanna Geiser: Suzanna recently received a PhD from UNC and also has a JD.  She is now a full-time professor of legal writing at Campbell University, but still finds time to help JASP in numerous ways, including the highest level of organization.  She is our publicity chair, writes our contracts and now serves as secretary of the board.

Marsha Huff: A retired tax lawyer, Marsha is vice president of the board and handles tax-related issues.  She is a former president of the Jane Austen Society of North America and helps serve as a liaison with JASNA.

Professor James Thompson: James is a prominent Austen scholar who has written three books on Austen and co-founded JASP with Inger Brodey.  He serves as treasurer for JASP and co-hosts the program.

We sadly announce a retiring member: Please join us in thanking Terri O’Quin, who has stepped down as secretary of JASP.  Terri has done a fabulous job also chairing the Teacher Scholarship Committee and assisting with JASP’s finances, as well as with taking minutes for our meetings, over several years.