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The Jane Austen Summer Program wants teachers!

Scholarships for the 2020 Jane Austen Summer Program are available to current North Carolina middle school and high school teachers. Scholarships cover the full tuition fee and materials, a special teacher scholarship winner luncheon, and attendance at the Regency Tea.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP. The deadline to apply is March 15; winners will be announced April 1.

The Jane Austen Summer Program is an annual four-day symposium designed to appeal to established scholars, high school and middle school teachers, graduate students, undergraduate students, and anyone else with a passion for all things Austen. Each year, the symposium focuses on a different Austen work. This year’s theme is “Jane Austen’s World.”

The symposium features lectures, “context corners,” and small discussion groups, as well as special breakout sessions for teachers that will share innovative ways to bring Jane Austen alive in middle school and high school classrooms. Additional activities include Regency dance lessons, Regency theatricals, a Regency Ball, and the chance to partake in an English afternoon tea.

The program offers 30 contact hours for 3 CEU credits.   Regular price for teachers is $350. The tuition covers all seminars, panels, lectures, and small group discussions, a tote bag, dance lessons, a rare book tour at UNC’s Wilson Library, one ticket to the Regency theatricals, and one ticket to the Regency Ball, as well as a daily warm buffet breakfast, elevenses, a welcome banquet, and light refreshments at the Ball.

Our 2019 scholars:

Kayla Bullock

Kayla Bullock

School: SandHoke Early College High School in Raeford

Subject: English IV

Literary character(s) I’m most like: I actually find myself being compared to Elinor Dashwood (“Sense and Sensibility”) at times. I tend to be very mothering in a way but am often taken as having too much of a stoic outlook on life.

What are you looking forward to most at JASP? I’m looking forward to learning more deeply about this time period, especially the dancing and tea!

Katie Garner

Katie Garner

School: Phillips Middle School in Chapel Hill

Subject: Sixth-grade English and language arts

Literary character(s) I’m most like: Levin (“Anna Karenina”), Francie Nolan (“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”), Harriet (“Harriet the Spy”)

What are you looking forward to most at JASP? Reviving my love for Jane Austen and period drama, learning how to make Austen more accessible for younger readers, and participating in cultural activities to make literature a more immersive experience (the Regency ball)!

Jennifer Holston

Jennifer Holston

School: Mooresville High School in Mooresville

Subject: AP Literature and Composition, and English IV

Literary character(s) I’m most like: Elinor Dashwood (“Sense and Sensibility”)

What are you looking forward to most at JASP? I am most excited to interact with others who share a love of all things Austen! I’m looking forward to enjoying the program on a personal and professional level, enabling me to implement new and exciting things in my classroom.

Emily Phillips

Emily Phillips

School: Mooresville High School in Mooresville

Subject: English IV

Literary character(s) I’m most like: The literary character I most relate to is Mary Lennox from “The Secret Garden”; I admire her tenacity, her sense of exploration, and adaptability.

What are you looking forward to most at JASP? I am looking forward to getting to know other educators and fans of Austen and classic literature, and finding new ways to spark interest in my classroom.

Katie Souter

Katie Souter

School: East Bladen High School in Elizabethtown

Subject: English

Literary character(s) I’m most like: I’m probably most like Josephine March (“Little Women”). Jo thinks for herself, comes up with imaginative solutions to difficult problems, and doesn’t let other people’s opinions stop her from pursuing her dreams.

What are you looking forward to most at JASP? I’m excited about the tea — and also about diving deep into one of my absolute favorite novels.  “Pride and Prejudice” has been a favorite of mine since high school.

Lori Zeman

Lori Zeman

School: William A. Hough High School in Cornelius

Subject: Media coordinator

Literary character(s) I’m most like: Hermione Granger (in the “Harry Potter” series)

What are you looking forward to most at JASP? I am excited to attend JASP to have the opportunity to meet other educators and great readers who share my love for “Pride and Prejudice.” I love that I will get the opportunity to explore the classic book as well other adaptations that reflect various cultures from around the world. I look forward to working with other educators on how best to bring these great ideas back into the classroom.

For our 2018 winners, CLICK HERE.


“I found the Jane Austen Summer Program to be one of the most inspirational events I have ever attended.  I appreciated the in-depth discussions of Persuasion in our small groups, as well as the larger Informational sessions. It was refreshing and rewarding to be a part of an academic exchange of ideas for a bit, and bask in the glory of just learning for learning sake! With that said, I TRULY enjoyed the teacher sessions with Kathryn Edelstein (I apologize for spelling errors on these names!) and Pamela Fitzpatrick and have used many of their suggestions as I plan my unit!

I found so much of Jane Austen’s work that I thought my students could benefit from, and that will be valuable to them as they grow and mature, that I wrote a grant for approximately $500.00 worth of Pride and Prejudice materials through Western Carolina University’s School University Teacher Education Partnership Grant. I am happy to report that  I learned just last week I was awarded the grant!  After the first of the year, I  plan to implement it with my 8th grade class of about 16 Gifted students. I am so very excited about this, but also nervous. I really want my students to appreciate Jane’s contributions as much as I do!  And just so you know…I plan to have a “tea” and serve clotted cream with scones and jam at the end of the unit!

I would have not taken this step if it had not been for your generous scholarship to the JASP, and for that I am deeply grateful! It is an experience that has had a lasting positive impact on my practice as a teacher!

Thank you so much for the opportunity! Please let me know if I can support JASP in any other way. I have already encouraged several teachers in my county to apply when the scholarship is announced! ”

— Pamela Martin-Fairview School- 8th grade, Sylva

“JASP 2017 was amazing and I am already making plans to attend in 2018!  It has given me a renewed interest in Regency England and the literature of the period.  As a 12th grade English teacher, it is always a challenge to find classic works that will appeal to my students; JASP gave me the opportunity to explore not only the literature but also the culture and history of the period.  I have shared the experience with several other teachers and have encouraged them to attend in the future because it was such an enriching experience.  From being able to talk with experts in the literature to lovers of the time period, I received an education like none other.”

— Crystal Hester-Purnelll High School, Robeson County

“JASP was an amazing experience for me! I was able to connect with other educators and share my ideas, as well as bring some back for my classroom! It really helped me think more about how to approach literature in my classroom–and not just Jane’s work either! I highly recommend the program to anyone who teaches English. It’s a really great way to enhance your classroom instruction. Also… it’s simply a lot of fun to meet and mingle with fellow Janeites!”

— Alicia Rogers, Invest Collegiate, sixth grade, Asheville

“I loved being surrounded by Jane Austenites! I’m so happy I was able to experience JASP and immerse myself in that culture. Hearing from teacher leaders who were successful in teaching the classics to their students was very valuable and provided me with information that I will continue to use for years to come. I feel that it was great to know how other educators use Jane Austen’s works to reach their students and challenge them. While I teach 9th graders, I was still able to take away many strategies for making literature come alive for my students! ”

— Marquitta Mitchell,  English 1 Multi-Classroom Leader at West Mecklenburg

  “The JASP summer experience is one which I look forward to as both an educator and fan.  The fabulous scholars, speakers and interns which make the experience so special are to be applauded.  The experience allowed me to collaborate with other teachers from around the state to develop ways to involve the genius of Jane Austen in my teaching experience.  Thank you for the amazing opportunity!”

— Michele Nease, Voyager Academy, Durham, eighth-grade humanities

“I was thrilled to be selected for a teacher scholarship to the JASP 2015. The program brought the world of Emma, and Jane herself, to life. I understand the workings of the cravat,  the significance of the specifics of  social discourse, and the exhilaration of Regency dancing–and have a much more intimate acquaintance with the works of Jane Austen and the lives of her characters.  The better I know my subject, the better I can teach it, so my students have access to more context and meaning as well. What a rich and rewarding experience!”

–Adrienne Berg, Woods Charter School, Chapel Hill, NC

“I am and will remain eternally grateful for the teacher scholarship I received in 2015.  JASP was a special time that caps my career as a teacher of fine and exceptional literature.  It was an honor and an inspiration to be among true lovers of all things Jane Austen, truly a rich, rich experience from beginning to end.  The presentations, field trips, special events were top notch in their attention to detail, authenticity, relevance, and scholastic quality. The middle and high school teachers of which I was a part were made to feel welcome and valued as members of the educational process.  Hats are off to JASP!  May you be as lucky as I!  Thank you again JASP Scholarship Committee.”

— Paulette McMahan-Lara, Mitchell High School, Bakersville, NC

“I really enjoyed being a scholarship recipient for the 2015 Jane Austen Summer Program. I learned so much about the time period of Jane Austen and her works of literature. The best parts of the program were reenacting scenes from the book (at the outside picnic), eating the foods they ate then (scones), and learning how to incorporate Jane Austen in my 8th grade classroom with my 21st century students. I encourage everyone to attend and see what it’s about because I really enjoyed myself!”

–Anita Curry, Knox Middle School, Salisbury, NC

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