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Emma Approved, Episodes 62-67: Badly done, Emma

By Jennifer Abella

Previously on “Emma Approved” … Emma was in over her head.

Ummm, what is going on here?

Episode 62 (Baby Bump): The baby shower is in full swing and … Em is in her office, missing all of it. Because she’s putting out fires left and right for Boxx. Jane is trying to cut out of the shower early to avoid Mrs. Elton, who’s trying to find Jane a job, a man and the perfect purse. Emma self righteously tells her some people just can’t stay out of other people’s business. (Pot: “So. We meet again, Kettle.”) Emma sends Jane out to do recon on a club that’s trying to out-Boxx Boxx by opening on the same date. She’s so stressed out not even Alex can coax her out of crisis mode and back to the party. Annie is honing her mama skills by giving Emma a HUGE guilt trip about not being at the party. And it works: Emma realizes she’s a bad friend sometimes. Well … we all kind of knew that, Em.

Episode 63 (Mood Swings):  Emma is still feeling bad about the shower but excited for the Boxx opening. Alex interrupts a very friendly Frank and Emma to give Emma a few of the jams that Maddy will hand out at the Boxx opening later. Frank asks Emma — officially — to find him a date for the opening. Emma knowingly looks at the camera (someone’s thinking of herself). She flirtily gets Frank to taste a bit of jam from her finger (uh, okay). Meanwhile, Alex sees the whole thing from the doorway  and slinks away silently. AWWWW. Unrequited love. It’s not pretty.

Later, off camera, a party photographer catches Emma behaving … wait for it … badly at the Boxx opening. Check out Maddy’s face in the GIF below. [To see more photos, go here; click on “exclusive photos” and use the password “boxxhill”]

http---makeagif.com--media-12-31-2014-WwZ49ISo. The day after …

Alex brings Emma to tears.

Episode 64 (Boxx Hill): Emma is thrilled: The Boxx opening got rave reviews, but she can’t figure out why everyone was so “on edge” at the party. But she’s all whatever, let’s move on. But before she can, Jane stalks into Emma’s office, saying she ignored her better instincts when she came to work with Emma. Jane says Emma made her feel like a fool, that Emma isn’t serious about her causes. Ruh … roh. Emma has no clue what’s going on, but it doesn’t matter because Jane quits. abruptly putting a lid on her anger to keep things professional. And just when you think it can’t get more tense, it’s Alex’s turn to confront Emma, saying she dissed Maddy in a big way at the party. Turns out she said Maddy’s jams were disgusting in front of everyone. Awww, EMMA! Emma claims she was just trying to save Maddy’s company, but Alex calls BS. Like literally. You know things must serious if he’s cursing. Badly. Done. Emma. Which is also what he says. And then he walks out on Emma, too! In tears, she chases after him, as do I (come baaaaack, Alex!). Harriet comforts a the dejected mess that is Emma now.

Episode 65 (Big Girls Don’t Cry ): Today the part of Emma Woodhouse is played by Harriet Smith. Or at least Harriet’s trying to. She’s got her hands full manning the phone in an empty office while Emma is listening to sad music, eating ice cream and generally wallowing in self-pity. I bet it’s organic vegan ice cream. The Boxx event generated tons of interest from potential clients, but Emma doesn’t care. Even an motivating Austen quote from Harriet can’t get Emma out of her funk: She realizes she doesn’t want to be in this business without Alex. So Harriet tells Emma about a new client: Who’s sad. And sitting beside her in sweatpants. And wearing a scrunchie. That gets Emma moving. Aww, I love that Harriet is the one asking Emma for a “Hell yes” now and not the other way around. You go, Harriet. Rockin’ the good-friend look.

emmacrying Episode 66 (All Apologies): Emma is ready to make amends to pretty much everyone. Maddy’s come to help with the business stuff, and she doesn’t look happy to be there. But Emma kicks things off with an apology she’s prepared. Maddy — as always — has kind words for Emma and forgives her, all easy-peasy. She even offers to help Emma with the books — free of charge — for two weeks. Wow, Maddy, you are too nice. But Emma is nice, too (no, REALLY), and insists she pay Maddy.

Episode 67 (Secret Lovers): Emma is ready for Step 2 of her comeback: apologizing to Annie. Annie says there are probably enough people mad at Emma right now. Which is true. Hugs, hugs, forgiven, forgiven. Then Annie tells Emma that Frank and Jane were dating. WERE. They met through the Dixons in London but later broke up. Jane kept it quite because she didn’t want to be known as “Frank Churchill’s girlfriend.” Turns out, he’s selling his company, and people were going to go digging as to why and so he spoke up about Jane to Ryan. That … was a vague reason to sell his company. Only Maddy knew about Frank and Jane. Annie apologizes for pushing Frank on Emma. But Emma is just fine, even though she was all flirty with Frank. Emma surmises that he sent Jane the computer and that Jane totally must’ve dumped him, not the other way around. Shoot, but then she realizes HARRIET was in love with Frank. I don’t see why they had to have Frank and Jane break up, but if his attitude is any indication, I can see why she left him.

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Emma Approved, Episodes 58-61: Keep it together, Emma

Someone spilled a secret, and from the looks of it, it wasn’t Emma.

By Jennifer Abella

Previously on “Emma Approved” … Emma might have a love connection

Episode 58 (Ship Shape): Emma’s juggling phone calls for the baby shower and Boxx, so busy she brushes off Jane. Emma tells us she’s positive she doesn’t have feelings for Frank, who’s back in twon, so she’s nervous about seeing him again. Jane wonders if the team needs help with their events. Jane’s great idea: Put Maddy’s jams in the Boxx swag bags, and Emma wants nothing but to shoot the idea down. Annie suspects Frank likes someone in the office because why else would he be there so often? Annie is choosing a theme for the shower, but Emma’s phone is blowing up. Emma insists she’s got this. On top of the craziness, Harriet is late to work because she had car trouble (well, it makes more sense and is more PC than encountering “gipsies”) in the canyon. But Frank happened to see Harriet stranded while on his way to Maddy’s house, which puts a suspecting bee in Emma’s bonnet about her assistant and the handsome tycoon.

Episode 59 (Car Crush): Boxx is gonna be a hit, Emma says — they took a tour and you can see for miles. She wants to send Frank and Harriet up to Boxx. Harriet says she was so lucky Frank was on his way to Maddy’s the same time Harriet was on her way to see Jane. Hmm. Anyway, Emma says she knows Harriet has her eye on someone — but neither of them should name any names (this never seems like a good idea). Let his behavior guide yours, advises Emma, who promises not to interfere. Alex comes in and offers his mechanic to fix her car and to carpool with Harriet.

Episode 60 (Out of the Bag): Emma is excited: She can’t wait until they reveal Boxx’s anonymous owner. And Frank is coming by with a gift for Harriet. Repeat: Hmm. Emma wants to build anticipation before revealing the owner’s name. Jane’s in a meeting with Emma when Frank interrupts to give Harriet a survival kit. That has virtually nothing practical in a car emergency, which Jane points out. And then Frank let’s the Boxx cat out of the bag, saying “Mr. Pitt” owns Boxx. Emma is fuming: She didn’t tell anyone, and the secret out might ruin their momentum. Jane rushes out, snippily, so Frank trots after her all casual-like to see what’s up.

Focus, Emma.

Episode 61 (The Usual Suspects): Emma is still upset about Pitt and Boxx. Worried about a leak, she goes through the usual suspects. She tells Alex that she’s worried that Maddy told Frank. Meanwhile, he’s thinking she’s surprised that Frank and Jane are a thing. Emma’s all SAY WHAT. Alex says they were TOTALLY a thing and tells her she needs to focus on the baby shower since it’s for her best friend.This stressed-out Emma is definitely losing it, y’all. She’s dropping all the balls and apparently doesn’t care who knows it.

Jennifer Abella is a TV/movie/pop culture/knitting/sewing/Jane Austen geek. Oh, and a total Anglophile. Follow @nextjen on Twitter. And remember to like Jane Austen Summer Program on Facebook and follow @JASPhotline on Twitter.

Emma Approved, Episodes 53-57: ‘Holy Oprah!’

By Jennifer Abella

Previously on “Emma Approved” … Emma’s got a hunch (again)


Episode 53 (Gossip Girl): Emma really wants to gossip about Jane. She doesn’t want to make it sound like Jane is her next project because then she’ll sound too much like Caroline, but, well… No, she just wants to let Jane “unburden” herself. Emma learns Jane skipped the wedding of her best friends — Sara and Peter Dixon — in the U.K. Apparently Jane left England abruptly, and Emma is intrigued. Frank stops by to do his duty and flirt incessantly (I guess being a tycoon gives you lots of time to make the girls swoon?). Emma tells him about the laptop, which seemingly makes him curious, too. Emma’s theory: It’s from the U.K. — and maybe from Peter Dixon. Oh, Emma. Worst. Nancy Drew. Ever.


Episode 54 (The Dating Game): While Emma wonders why Frank hasn’t brought in his photo for the bachelor/ette auction catalogue, she gives a snooty impression of Jane, who has nothing of interest to say about anything. (This Jane’s more vocal in this version of “Emma,” but I tend to agree with Emma.) Annie drops off the photo for Frank, who had to jet off unexpectedly. Emma worries Jane likes everyone more than she likes Emma. We haven’t gotten to see Jane interact with many people yet, but Emma’s worries aren’t entirely off-base, I bet. Annie thinks Jane and Alex spend a lot of time together and proposes Emma set them up on a date. Emma flat-out refuses. Hmm.  She tells Annie that she can’t just make up a theory and run with it. Who doesn’t love when Emma tells people things she ought to tell herself?

Episode 55 (Mythbusters): Emma lures Alex and Jane to her office by themselves so she can see if there’s any sparks between them. Of which there are none. But there is plenty of awkward yet friendly conversation. Later, Alex tells Emma he doesn’t like like Jane, to Emma’s relief, but she still wants him to bid on Jane anyway — just in case. Alex jokes that he can’t compete with Frank and his haircut of fanciness. Please.

Episode 56 (Psych): The auction is tomorrow and Frank comes into Emma’s office all mopey-dope, saying he has to leave unexpectedly because an investor is pulling out of his company. Furthermore, he tells Emma that there’s something missing in his life and he thinks Emma might know what it is. WHAAAT. He was actually really sweet here in this moment of vulnerability. But she hurries him out the door, but not before he kisses her hand as he takes his leave. Then she’s all “Holy OPRAH!”: Frank must have been about to ask her out. But she doesn’t know how she feels about him. Then Annie drops another bomb: She’s pregnant. Emma shares her news — not about Frank but Jane/Alex: There’s nothing between them. Annie hints that Frank and Emma would make a good couple.

Somebody’s blushing….

Episode 57 (Babies and Bids): The auction was a success (an old lady won Alex; Mr. Woodhouse bid on Emma) and the business has two new clients: an uber-trendy restaurant called Boxx, with a supersecret anonymous owner — and Annie’s baby shower. And where is Boxx? “In the Hills.” Ba-dum-dum. With two events to juggle, an anxious Harriet goes to Alex for help. She’s all blushy-blushy around him now. Ruhroh, someone’s got a crush. … Alex warns Emma that they might be overwhelmed by the two events, but she’s optimistic. He asks why Boxx has two X’s and she says he’s just jealous because he only has one. And then she pronounces his name all fancy and calls him the “hottest boring accounting guy this summer” and he casually says she called him hot. She is not wrong.

Jennifer Abella is a TV/movie/pop culture/knitting/sewing/Jane Austen geek. Oh, and a total Anglophile. Follow @nextjen on Twitter. And remember to like Jane Austen Summer Program on Facebook and follow @JASPhotline on Twitter.