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Recapping the 2019 Jane Austen Summer Program

The 2019 Jane Austen Summer Program came to an end way too quickly! Thanks to all the organizers, patrons and volunteers — and to you, our attendees — for making it a success. If you missed this year’s JASP, don’t fret. Below you’ll find recaps of each day, with photos, videos and tweets from panels. (Plus, if you haven’t seen it, the University of North Carolina featured JASP on its web site; click here and here.) In the coming weeks, we’ll share more of our favorite images here and on social media.

And save the date for June 18-21, 2020! Look for more information in the fall on our next program: “Jane Austen’s World,” focusing on Austen’s letters and Claire Tomalin’s biography, “Jane Austen: A Life.”

Day 1

The run-up to JASP, registration, dancing, shopping, rare books, Soniah Kamal on “Unmarriageable,” the welcome dinner and more.

Day 2

Talks on entailments and book adaptations, small-group discussions, Uzma Jalaluddin on “Ayesha at Last,” dance lessons, the theatrical and the bar crawl.

Day 3

A discussion about militias, Sonali Dev on “Pride, Prejudice and Other Flavors,” dance lessons and, of course, the ball.

Day 4

Discussions on movie and game adaptations, the tea and more.

Hope to see you next year!

What to do while you’re waiting for the 2020 Jane Austen Summer Program

We know. We here at the Jane Austen Summer Program miss you, too! Wondering what to do until we release more information on our next program? Here are a few things to tide you over:

Come to our Austen & Co. event in Durham on MONDAY! If you live in the region, this event kicks off our FREE discussion series in partnership with Durham public libraries. Head to the South Regional Library, 4505 S. Alston Ave. in Durham at 6:30 p.m. July 15 for “Austen & Co.: Games and Play in Austen’s England.” The event, led by Anne Fertig, will feature a 20-minute talk and games such whist, spillikins, charades and more! Click here for more information.

Listen to podcasts and audiobooks: On the go? Pipe some Jane Austen right into your ears with podcasts and audiobooks. Our suggestions: On the podcast “Meeting Jane,” listen in as a couple reads an Austen novel together (she’s a fan; he’s new to Austen). If you love Rosamund Pike as Jane in the 2005 “Pride and Prejudice,” you can hear her narrate audio versions of “P&P” and “Sense & Sensibility.” Click here for more Austen-related podcasts.

Read fan fic and browse through fan art: Dr. Maria Biajoli gave a great talk on fan fiction at this year’s JASP. If you’re new to the genre, read fan fic based on “Pride and Prejudice” (or on, well, anything you can imagine, really) on Archive of Our Own or fanfiction.net. Search for Austen-related fan art on Deviantart.com. Click here to read more about Biajoli.

Get ahead for next year: Next year’s program — “Jane Austen’s World” (June 18-21, 2020) — will center on Austen’s letters and Claire Tomalin’s book “Jane Austen: A Life.” Why not start reading now?

Watch this space! Next week, we’ll have recaps of each day of this year’s Jane Austen Summer Program, with photos, videos and live-tweets from a number of panels. And in the coming weeks, we’ll share some of our favorite photos here and on social media.

We’ve got a preview of the JASP pub crawl, plus updates and a handy packing list

The Jane Austen Summer Program is bringing back its popular pub crawl for the fourth year in a row. It’s a great way for attendees to unwind, relax, and meet other Austen fans outside of the usual conference activities!

Attendees receive a set of wine charms.

According to organizer Anne Fertig, the pub crawl allows JASP-ers to “see the best bars that Chapel Hill and Carrboro have to offer, all guided by our graduate student volunteers.” Fertig adds: “It’s even become a bit of a tradition for us to visit the local taco truck after the last bar.”

This year’s crawl features three stops: B-Side Lounge, Belltree, and Dead Mule Club. Each pub will offer one or two Austen-themed cocktails just for JASP-ers.

If you want to join the pub crawl, just ask to sign up at the JASP registration desk when you check in on Thursday. You can join us for one bar ($15), two bars ($20) or all three stops ($40).

Need more enticement? Just take a look at the menu:


  • Registration will begin at 10 a.m. Thursday. Follow signs to the JASP registration desk toward the back of the hotel on the ground floor.
  • If there are any extras you want to purchase (T-shirts, the pub crawl, etc.), you can do so on-site when you check in Thursday.


If you’re getting ready to pack, here’s a list of things to bring!

If you're getting ready to pack, here's a list of things to bring: "Pride and Prejudice; proper shoes for the ball; books by our visiting authors; batteries/chargers; parking pass; extra room in your suitcase; an open heart and an inquisitive mind.