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New year, new playlists

It’s 2019, and we’re six months from the Jane Austen Summer Program. You can get into “P&P” mode with our playlist inspired by this year’s theme — “Pride and Prejudice and Its Afterlives.” PLUS, we couldn’t resist creating a playlist for the novel’s resident troublemakers: Lydia and Wickham. Lend us your ears — and if you have suggestions for more songs, let us know and we’ll add it to the playlist. Happy listening!

Pride & Prejudice and Its Afterlives

Lydia + Wickham


And don’t forget: We have playlists for a few of our past programs, too. Check them out here:

2018: “Northanger Abbey & Frankenstein: 200 Years of Horror”

Catherine Morland


Victor Frankenstein


2017: “Persuasion at 200”

Anne Elliot


Frederick Wentworth


Jane It Up


IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you’re looking to reserve a hotel for 2019, the web portal is now open! Click here to reserve your room!

FAQ: Jane Austen Summer Program 2019

Whether you’re a returning attendee or a first-timer, you might have some questions about this year’s Jane Austen Summer Program. Let’s dive in with some Q&A!

faq_-jane-austen-summer-program-2019.jpgTHE BASICS

What is the Jane Austen Summer Program, really?

JASP is a four-day symposium celebrating Jane Austen’s work. Don’t let the word “symposium” scare you off though. It’s a conference for academics, non-academics, teachers, students of all ages — people from ALL walks of life who like Jane Austen. Each year we focus on a different work. This year the theme is “Pride and Prejudice and Its Afterlives,” so we’ll look at P&P, its various adaptations and its legacy.

Okay, so what can I expect then?

We’ll have talks by various authors and speakers on a number of aspects of P&P. [Check out our tentative schedule here.] We’ll also have small-group discussions (think of them like book club groups than formal meetings); workshops on creating hairstyles, shoe roses and reticules; as well as dance classes in preparation for our Saturday night ball.

Waaaaaait. A ball?

Yup! Check out the Helpful Hints section — and read tips from attendees — about our Regency ball here. [Note: The location of our ball is still TBA.]


When should I register?

You can — and should — register now if you can. Our early-bird registration rate ends Jan. 15. That’s just a few days from now! After that, prices will go up, so take advantage of the lower rate now. Click here for info about registration and cancellations.

I’ve registered. Should I have gotten a confirmation email?

You should have received a receipt via email through our registration platform, JotForm. Make sure to check your junk mail folders. The email serves as your confirmation that we have you in our registration log.

Can I reserve a hotel room now?

UPDATED: Click here’s for the hotel bloc. Reservations can also be made by contacting the hotel at 919-969-6988 and mention the group code “JAS” or “Jane Austen Summer Program”

I saw something on the schedule about a hair workshop? Can I sign up for that?

Yup, we’ll have a hair arrangement workshop Saturday before the ball. It is $25 — sign up on our registration page.

I also saw something about a creative writing workshop?

Yes! We’ll have more information about this program in coming weeks, but for the first time we’re offering a workshop on writing your own adaptation (Thursday morning). We’ll let you know when sign-ups open March 1. It’s limited to 20 people, so be sure to act fast!

Is there a specific edition of “Pride and Prejudice” we should read? What about supplementary readings?

We’ll announce when we have a specific edition in mind. As for other readings check out our What to Read page — and keep checking back to see if we’ve added anything else.

How can I buy a Jane Austen bracelet?

We are offering replica Jane Austen bracelets at a special conference rate — but hurry. The conference rate (for attendees only) will expire Jan. 15, when early-bird registration ends. Read more about our bracelets here.JASP-bracelet


What time should I get there? What time do events start on Thursday?

Our official welcome session is scheduled for the afternoon. But we’ll have a few events well before that.  [Check out our tentative schedule here.] If you want to start your JASP with our welcome session or our Dance 101 session, you can arrive by Thursday late morning. If you want to see the exhibits or take part in the creative writing workshop, plan to arrive by Wednesday evening or very early morning Thursday.

Do I have to stay at the conference hotel?

No, you don’t. If you plan to drive to the hotel each day, make sure to check our Where to Park page closer to June.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel? 

Here are directions from the airport to the hotel (via the hotel’s web site); or you make arrangements on your own for a shuttle or cab or shared ride.


A ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Secret Santa

When you have a big family, Secret Santa might be the best way to give gifts at the holidays. Can you imagine if the Bingleys and Darcys had to draw Secret Santas? We thought of a few Secret Santa pairings and gifts they’d give:

My Post (42).jpg

Caroline for Lizzy

Caroline knows how much Lizzy likes to scamper about the country, the elements be damned, so she might think a boot cleaner kit would be perfect for Lizzy. 

Darcy for Jane

Darcy knows Jane loves her family. A personalized family tree wall sculpture would be a great way to keep her family close — even when they’re far away.  

Lizzy for Bingley

Okay, so Lizzy might not be able to forget how Bingley treated Jane if she’s giving him this for Christmas: “Stop People Pleasing: Be Assertive, Stop Caring What Others Think, Beat Your Guilt, & Stop Being a Pushover.”

Jane for Darcy

What would Jane get her enigmatic brother-in-law? She’d play it safe with some neutral-colored socks.

Bingley for Caroline

Bingley is well familiar with his sister’s high-end tastes for the latest fashions. A classic brooch with a Gucci touch might be just the thing — and at $590 would cost a pretty penny.

What gifts would you give the characters in “Pride and Prejudice”?