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Mr. Collins’ and Mr. Darcy’s biggest proposal mistakes?

screenshot-www.theknot.com-2019.01.13-15-16-38.pngThe Knot — a site for all things wedding — has a list of “5 Big Marriage Proposal Mistakes.” We all know Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy aren’t the best at proposals. Let’s see which of these mistakes they actually made (and, no, this list doesn’t not include “Disparaging the woman’s family.”)

Mistake: Asking Empty-Handed

Neither have a ring on hand when they ask for Lizzy’s, well, hand.

Mistake: Jumping the Gun

Both make the same error here: Thinking that OF COURSE Lizzy would say yes: Mr. Collins, because she won’t get a better offer. Mr. Darcy, because who would say no to him?

Mistake: Proposing in Front of an Audience

Mr. Collins: Mrs. Bennet is dawdling just outside the room during his audience with Lizzy, so you can be sure she is listening.

Mr. Darcy: Unless the servants have their ears to the door, he and Lizzy are alone. Mr. Collins and Charlotte were at Rosings.

Mistake: Blabbing About the Plan

Mr. Collins: He makes his intentions pretty clear when he asks Mrs. Bennet for a private word with Lizzy. He’s not subtle, that Mr. Collins.

Mr. Darcy: He doesn’t seem like one to confide in people, so he probably hasn’t told anyone he’s about the pop the question.

Mistake: Not Waiting for the Right Moment

Mr. Collins: Let’s face it: There would never be a right moment for Mr. Collins to propose to Lizzy.

Mr. Darcy: Maybe he didn’t wait for the right moment the first time around — after Fitzwilliam told Lizzy about Darcy’s machinations to put some distance between Bingley and Jane was the worst time for Darcy to act. But at least his second attempt is better timed.

Apply for a 2019 Jane Austen Summer Program teacher scholarship

The Jane Austen Summer Program is pleased to announce that applications are now open for our 2019 teacher scholarships! They are available to current North Carolina middle school and high school teachers. Scholarships cover the full tuition fee and materials, a scholarship winner luncheon, and attendance at the Regency Tea.

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Special guest announcement

The Jane Austen Summer Program is pleased to announce that Uzma Jalaluddin, author of the novel “Ayesha at Last,” is scheduled to speak at our symposium in June. “Ayesha at Last” — due out June 9 (Berkley) — sets “Pride and Prejudice” in a Muslim community in modern-day Toronto. Read more about Jalaluddin’s novel and other modern retellings here.

Jalaluddin joins Soniah Kamal on our lineup of speakers. Read our Q&A with Kamal here. And watch this space for a Q&A with Jalaluddin in the coming weeks!

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