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jlogo green and brownAnnouncing the Fifth Annual Jane Austen Summer Program:

“200 Years of Persuasion

June 15-18, 2017

Carrboro and Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Our 4-day symposium focuses on one of Austen’s works each summer. The 2017 JASP will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Austen’s final complete novel, Persuasion. Many consider this to be the most beautiful Austen novel. The Austen Summer Program is designed to appeal to established scholars, high school teachers, graduate students, and undergraduate students— anyone with a passion for all things Austen is welcome to attend.

Registration for the 2017 program IS NOW OPEN. Click here to register. 

HELjasp_2017_logo_color_dateP US WITH FUNDRAISING by donating items for our annual silent auction!

DONATE MONEY TO HELP US KEEP OUR QUALITY PROGRAMS by making a tax-deductible donation here!

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FOR TEACHERS: We offer 3 CEU credits and also discounts for middle and high school teachers when you click to register online.  Regular price for teachers is $250 rather than the early bird $400 (or $450 after April 2nd) for other attendees.

COMMENTS FROM PARTICIPANTS:  “What I loved was the company at this symposium. Attendees ranged from their 20s to their 70s – grad students, high school teachers, professors, a mechanic and even a goat herder. Many of us discovered Austen in our teens and kept rereading her books over and over again. Although we didn’t study Austen for a living, we filtered the book through our own experiences – Russian, Chinese, old and young.”  –Marian Liu


“Thank you for hosting such a delightful and informative conference last weekend.  This was my first experience delving into the heart of Jane Austen, and I learned so much that now I cannot wait to read more!  The conference itself was well organized and varied, and the speakers all provided a unique insight into the Regency era.  Thank you so much for all of your efforts!”  —  Mary Catherine Geradts, Chapel Hill

“The discussion groups are a highlight.  Dynamic discussions led by famous Austen scholars make the JASP worth every penny!”

“A wonderful, filled schedule with a perfect balance of academia and fun. . .I loved the mix of academic content and living the novel.  It was a blast.  I learned a lot, met great people and had a ball (literally). . . I couldn’t have spent 4 days better.”

“As a teacher iEmma2015Daten a state that recently has not made public school teachers feel valued, your graciousness and generosity have pampered me.  I go home basking not only in the words of Jane Austen but in the acts of kindness fellow Janeites have marinated me in.”

“All the professors I m
et were so friendly and welcoming, so I never felt intimidated talking with such impressive scholars.  It was a totally comfortable environment for all!”

“My favorite was the performance of ‘Jack and Alice’ by the grad students. Delightful!”

“There is nothing similar available–certainly not of the same quality.  It’s a fabulous opportunity.  The biggest strength is the focus on Jane Austen and the diversity of views and topics covered.”

“Time spent with smart people discussing a single book is always worth while.  The conference was a wonderful opportunity to leaS&Sheartfull-colorrn, discuss, reflect, mingle, and enjoy.”

“Programs such as this one where the love of reading and scholarship are combined in an accessible way for people from all backgrounds will help save the Humanities!

“I really enjoyed getting together with fellow Jane Austen lovers for 4 days and becoming immersed in her life, times, and books.  It’s a real treat.. . I loved the addition of Jane Austen Books.  I love the fact that scholars and non-scholars gather together and have intense discussions around a particular Austen novel.”

“Thank you for an unforgettable experience!”

“It’s such a joy to be among like minds! There are few places where I can make Austen references and have them appreciated.  The blend of academics and other fans leads to very fruitful discussions.”

The most fun I’ve had in an academic setting since grad school!  I can’t wait for next year’s event and am already working on Emma in preparation…”

“A fun way to meet people with the same interests and learn more about Austen and Regency era in general.”

“Perfect. Everything from registration to check-in were very organized and efficient.”

“It was an overall dePPLogolightful adventure — informative and thought-provoking!”

“I adored the relaxed ambiance, with no clear division

between the experts and the amateurs —a feeling of respect for everyone ,

no matter one’s expertise in Austen.”

“The graduate students were immensely personable, helpful, and charming.”

“I have already told most of my friends to mark their calendars for next year.”

“Brilliant professors and delicious teatimes.”

“An excellently organized experience. Wonderful dance instruction 

(and the ball!), and I found the group discussions after each panel lively & enlightening. Excellent.”

Thanks to:CAHPT_Logo

  • North Carolina Humanities Council
  • Regency Assembly of North Carolina
  • Jane Austen Society of North America- North Carolina Region
  • UNC-CH Department of English and Comparative Literature
  • UNC College of Arts and Sciences
  • The Institute for the Arts and Humanities
  • Classical American Homes Preservation Trust
  • The Department of Dramatic Arts
  • Carolina Performing Arts
  • UNC Summer School

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    Vonna Viglione said:
    January 29, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Newly retired, my fixed income won’t stretch…..at least this year…..to attendance at the summer program…..but I had a thought that might benefit the program and (selfishly) me too……what about having a 200th birthday party for Jane…and her many friends….by having a high tea/birthday gala at the Carolina Inn with proceeds to benefit your program? Someone could talk about Jane and how birthdays were observed in her work or in her lifetime…I would happily ante up $50 or so for that event…and I suspect many fans would be happy to show up too…a birthday party for Jane…and the ‘invitations’ cold be printed and emailed far and wide….for instance, McIntyres book store at Fearrington and Quail Ridge in Raleigh….you could invite all of the previous summer program attendees too…..get the art dept/graphics folks to create a poster and an 8×10 version and I suspect lots of us might buy those too…as a matter of fact the poster could be offered nationally to ALL societies….just some thoughts but I really think they might be worth considering….I was the resource officer for the community college system before my retirement so I do sort of have a feel for event planning and fund raising…….much success with this year’s program….I hope you’ll decide to throw open the doors and give Jane a big birthday bash……Most Sincerely Yours, Vonna Viglione, 919-846-9324. vlviglione@msn.com

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